Wolves of Winter - S/T CD

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"Wolves Of Winter debut S/T album is a very heavy affair that mixes desert rock, fuzz, psych and doom for one exciting ride. Opening track – Astrothoughts – is what you would expect from a band such as Wolves Of Winter. Heavy and hazy psych based riffs with great vocals to match. The one thing that makes Wolves Of Winter such an interesting band is their take on 70s Classic Doom spliced with a more modern Desert/Stoner Rock sound. There are times when the band unleashes a simple trippy riff that gives this album a delicious edge.

Wolves Of Winter debut album is an excellent album that will appeal to both fans of the Doom/Stoner Metal genres. These guys are already getting a great reputation and fanbase within the Doom/Stoner Metal community and I can see these guys only getting bigger once they release this album. Check this out as Wolves Of Winter deserve the recognition coming their way." -- Outlaws of the Sun