Zaum - Oracles LP

Image of Zaum - Oracles LP


IHate Records!

"No wonder the album is called Oracles as ZAUM take you on an epic quest that brings back memories from listening to SLEEP’s legendary album – Jerusalem or Dopesmoker for the very first time. You do not know what you are listening to but you know this is something special indeed. The instrumental work is one word – PHENOMENAL. The Sitar has a life of its own and it can be classed as the albums heartbeat. It brings the other instruments into the weird and wonderful world that Oracles opens it doors to. Guitars and drums are played at a slow pace, which only adds to the sonic atmosphere ZAUM have brilliantly captured. If you are expecting fast-paced riffs then you will have to look elsewhere as ZAUM are on a different journey altogether but that does not ZAUM stay quiet in the corner. Far from it. As the album becomes very loud when the time calls for it. . . .t if you have the time for a complex and unique sounding album then you will richly be rewarded with one of the best audio experiences of 2014. ZAUM have created a truly stunning and emotionally charged album." -- The Sludgelord