1968 - Ballads of the Godless

Image of 1968 - Ballads of the Godless


Formed in 2013 out of a chance meeting between Sam (Orr, guitars) and James (Coppack, vocals) 1968 was created out of their love for many legendary albums created in the year that signalled the beginning of a darker, heavier movement in music and popular culture; a period in time characterized by an evolving socio-political environment, the end of the colourful ‘Summer of Love’ era and the dawn of a more cynical cultural landscape defined by the Manson murders and the Altamont tragedy.

"Everything about Ballads… screams “Retro” and delightfully so. ‘Temple of the Acidwolf’ has an Eastern feel, that fluid rhythm still dragging monuments, the air thick with desert sand and seedy sin." -- Ghost Cult Mag

"1968 manage to create highly original music of their own. Especially when they play a more distinctive psychedelic rock/metal groove. Ballads Of The Godless is an album that has something for everyone and one that has everlasting appeal across the whole Hard Rock/Heavy Metal spectrum.

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