Asatta - Spiraling into Oblivion CD

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Formed in late 2011 by drummer Neil Pech and joined shortly after by guitarist Jay Denzer, vocalist Sean Anderson and bassist Joe Arenas, Asatta are arguably one of doom metal’s best-kept secrets. With two EPs currently to their name, 2013’s self-titled “Asatta” EP and last year’s “Songs For A Blood Moon “, 2016 will see the release of their monstrous debut album “Spiraling Into Oblivion” via Burnout Planet Records.

"Asatta’s brand of heavy is a heady mix of melody forged with the mightiest of mind bending riffs, resulting in a truly unique aural experience, further accentuated by layers of synths adding much needed texture to their apocalyptic brand of doom. For me “Spiraling Into Oblivion” is one of the top doom releases of this year " -- The Sludgelord