BUS - The Unknown Secretary LP

Image of BUS - The Unknown Secretary LP


The Athens, Greece-based four-piece BUS recently relegated their full-length debut “The Unknown Secretary” to the world’s rock music loving masses and it is a most worthy addition to the Twin Earth Records roster. The Grecian quartet of Bill City, John Tsesmetzis, Spiros Papadatos, and Aris Fasoulis have given musical birth to a grand sounding output that successfully exists simultaneously in two different realms. One realm is that of the ever-increasingly more and more popular “Stoner” Rock plane that prides itself on vintage, oft-analogue sounding material that’s steeped in Seventies influence and inspiration. The other realm is one within the Modern Rock domain that possesses vibrant, powerful sounds, nuances, and tones that aren’t anywhere near “dated” but instead are rife with massive in-the-moment appeal and relativity. -- Metal Nexus

"BUS flies us down the stoner highway fueled by doom tinged proto-metal and psych ridden Sabbath worship. The Unknown Secretary climbs the ladder to the top of Twin Earth Record's chain!" -- The Ripple Effect