Mother Mars - Fossil Fuel Blues CD

Image of Mother Mars - Fossil Fuel Blues CD


"After a couple of times, letting the music move inside my head, move through my core, I began to realize these guys were able to construct something truly meaningful, something that goes beyond simple song structure, style, and melody, something that becomes quite complex and interesting, wonderfully intertwined, diving deep down to the soul of an old rocker wannabe, and stirring those wonderful feelings and emotions associated with speed, with power, with an almost hypnotic and tribalistic experience through the beat and wail of effort and sweat.

The classification of Mother Mars’ music as having "fuzzed-out riffs, stoner grooves, and psychedelic adventures with detours through the valley of doom", is definitely accurate for the quality music they have concocted. Their songs reflect an intelligence and a knack for constructing songs worthy of playing, worthy of listening to, and certainly worthy of owning. In 8 tracks they deliver quite the package, with wonderfully lengthy selections (only one song is less than 4 minutes in length, with the average being eight and a half minutes) that take you on an unforgettable and sublime journey through a tableau that is truly . . . rock and roll." -- Heavy Planet