The Gentlemen Bastards - S/T CD

Image of The Gentlemen Bastards - S/T CD


Two Alabama boys, a Canadian and an Icelander join forces on this riff-laden juggernaut - sure to appeal to fans of Black Sabbath, Clutch and the European stoner rock scene.

"This album is a fucking blast from start to finish. It will leave you with a warm fuzzy glow inside and that's what a great Stoner Rock album should do. Excellent and Highly Recommended."
~ The Sludgelord

"The Gentlemen Bastards play a southern-infused brand of bluesy heavy rock that is meant to be played at loud volumes until your head explodes. Rock on Gentlemen!”
~ Heavy Planet

"They play a no bull breed of hard rock and roll, the way it's meant to be played, without any apologies or self-consciousness. Loaded with incendiary pyrotechnics, the band blasts through a generous helping of ten songs in just over 50 minutes and don't so much as blink along the way. They've got short songs, long songs, slow building epic songs, and uptempo cruisers but manage to maintain a strong focus. For theirs is a sacred duty, the art of rocking balls off.
~ Paranoid Hitsophrenic