Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Red Over Red CD

Image of Bedroom Rehab Corporation - Red Over Red CD


"That's it. A bass guitar and drums, and Adam's vocals. But make no mistake they make it work . . . hell, more than work, they have made some crazy incredible stoner psyche rock" - Heavy Planet

"BRC is a 2 piece (bass and drums) band centered around hypnotic doom and gloom riffing and sludgy shoe-gaze soundscapes. Red Over Red, is a supernatural and seafaring concept record that runs you through the gamut of the band’s vision. Recorded by Justin Pizzoferrato, (Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Black Pyramid), at Sonelab, (Chelsea Light Moving, Black Francis) Red Over Red captures the raw energy of Bedroom Rehab Corporation without sacrificing big, powerful production."
" I don't think it can be understated that what Wutjewicz and drummer Meghan Killimade have done is to create an album as heavy and pummeling as a full on five-piece band with just the two of them and lots of distortion." - Chip McCabe Metal Insider

"Red Over Red, offers a more sonically diverse attack, far less beholden to genre and more driven by a nascent, still-coalescing individualized sensibility" - The Obelisk