Electric Taurus - Veneralia CD

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"With their soulful take on all that goodness that came out of the heavy seventies the guys have mastered the art of sounding both dirty and extremely warm spirited. They maximize their fuzzy outpour on excellent hardy blues tracks that seem to melt into both doom influenced greatness and stoner griminess. But above all the entire album has the feel of a gigantic psychedelic celebration of all those magical sounds of yore we all love without ever losing the feel of a truly inspired and concise album. Get electrified by this legendary charging bull!"

Hellsya! Its been awhile since I have been this stoked about a album with first listen. These boys are super good. Think Zeppelin's bluesy rock, with the heavy riffs from Sabbath add some spacey early PF. Add a super sexy, grungy vocalist that warms you like a shot of Jack....voilĂ !! you got Electric Taurus!. Favorite track: Mescalina/If/At the Edge of the Earth.