Fuzzlord - S/T CD

Image of Fuzzlord - S/T CD


1.The Gates of Hell 01:45
2.Kronos Visions Arise 07:02
3.The Warriors Who Reign 05:38
4.The Lord of the Underground 04:42
5.Evil Infamy 03:59
6.Worlds Collide 06:58
7.The Fall of Fate 01:07
8.Infamous Evil 07:50


Steven 'Fuzz Lord' - Guitar
Lawrence 'Lord Buzz' - Drums/Vocals
Stoner Dan Riley - Bass/Vocals


"Their self-titled debut album is a straight forward, concise, inspired slab of fuzzed out, metal inspired rock. The 8 songs on the record are well played and cleanly recorded with the right amount of distortion, for all those that dig that kind of thing, throughout.

Fuzz Lord hit all the right notes and chords. With props to them for the killer lucha libre inspired cover art. If you dig Fu Manchu, Sons of Otis, and the like, you should check out Fuzz Lord, you won’t be disappointed. Dig on them!"

-Outlaws of the Sun