Leather Nun America - Absence of Light CD

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"I fucking love this record, it’s what the Spirit Caravan record after Elusive Truth might have sounded like had they regained the momentum showed on Jug Fulla Sun and the Dreamwheel EP and the band not imploded. Absence Of Light has that kind of rare creative musical momentum and infinite replay factor that Jug Fulla Sun has.

Absence… is an incredibly enjoyable, reflective and rocking album, especially if you’re a fan of the MD/DC sound. Most of the material is mid-to upper tempo (with the notable exception of the paint-peeling, riff-o-rama “Below Zero”) interspersed with a couple of brief instrumentals. “Ly Loa” is an amazing groove-laden instrumental but I gotta tell you, it really does sound like a Spirit Caravan song. It’s a keeper, you’ll love the guitar work. “Some Might Grow” is a beautiful acoustic piece. “Emblem” is a great choice as an up-tempo opener and sets the tone for the rest of the record both musically and thematically. “Portcullis” is equally compelling, showcasing not only Sarnie’s guitar work, but the Markowitz/Davis rhythm team for a steaming-hot midsection. “Tools Of The New Church” has the makings of a Leather Nun live must-have and would fit nicely in the set list after blowing the doors off with “Below Zero” – it has a serious tenor that would ground the audience after the adrenaline rush, features a fantastic riff and poignant message especially relevant to this day in age.

The hidden gem, the track that I fear will get overlooked is “Final Resting Ritual”. Man oh manishevitz, what a beautifully melancholic track this is, featuring some great acoustic work by Sarnie and a prime example of how this band can come together, play as one, and really make some musical magic. " -Hellride