Cortez - S/T CD

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"This self-titled album is big on fuzz, even bigger on grooves but is jam-packed with different variations both stylistically and in terms of arrangement. In short, this album is a wonder from start to finish. The band is a complete unit with each member delivering a dazzling display of musical excellence but Scott O’Dowd on guitar stands out for his diverse guitar work. Alongside him is Matt Harrington with amazingly charismatic vocals, Jay Furlo who dishes out mountain-sized bass playing and Jeremy Hemond dishing out pulverizing but classy drumming."

"The album right from the start hooks you in with the insanely catchy 'Johnny' which is pure energetic hard rock at its most adrenaline fueled. 'All Hail' and 'Until We Die' mixed funky kind of grooves with doom riffs and enough metallic chug to make any metal-head drool in delight. Even with the dirty vocals of Matt Harrington that are being spat out of the speakers, the band still unleash some infectious melody lines and even the guitar fuzz has a catchy appeal."

"Cortez seem to be able to find that middle ground between classic 70's rock, no-holds barred stoner-metal, doom and grunge while not sounding too derivative of any of these styles."

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