Leather Nun America - Kult Occult CD

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"Without a doubt, this is their best album yet. What makes this album stand out as their best work to date is the diversity it presents. There is crushing doom riffage, quiet moments, and a great selection of mood changes. What seals the deal though is the kick-ass rocking moments that are backed up with some infectious melodies. Tracks like 'White Horse,' 'Murderkkult,' and 'Sacrosanct' tend to stand out as immediate favorites but the entire album is very good with no filler moments at all to be heard. There is tons of killer hooks and grooves but while this is sabbathian worship at its finest, there is also elements of grunge in there as well or at least that is what I hear. The tone of the guitars is incredibly dirty which is the first thing that will win you over followed by the irresistible riffs and the songs are mostly short, just three to five minutes so nothing ever drags. The beauty of this album is even the albums shortest track, 'Sacrosanct' is instantly memorable.

If you have heard all their influences before ( and I am sure you have) then you should know what this is going to sound like already, but the great guitar sound and the fine melodies makes it stand out on its own and that alone is worth the purchase price. There is not much more I can say about it; it won't win any prizes for originally but for infectious songs and killer riffs and sound, this album is almost flawless. I just wish it wasn't so short......9/10" Doommantia