Motorhead Tribute India - CD

Image of Motorhead Tribute India - CD


1.Millennium - Iron Fist 02:28
2.Dying Embrace - Deaf Forever 04:14
3.1833 AD - Dead and Gone 06:11
4.Bevar Sea - Turn You Round Again 05:05
5.Albatross - God Was Never On Your Side 05:11
6.Shepherd - Sacrifice 04:10
7.Witchgoat - Death or Glory 04:21
8.Djinn and Miskatonic - I Don't Believe a Word 07:18
9.Mortar - I am the Sword 03:36
10.Solar Deity - Orgasmatron 04:03
11.Purgation - Terminal Show 03:42
12.Dormant Inferno - The Game 04:36
13.Untitled - Untitled 04:26


A humble tribute to one of the greats of heavy music from the Indian underground. We've managed to put together some of the various kinds of bands that proudly play this kind of music, despite the fact that many might think of it as outdated.

You have the more 80s metal stylings of Albatross and Millennium, the doomy vibe from Djinn & Miskatonic, and Dormant Inferno, with Shepherd adding their punk twist to their song. 1833 AD and Solar Deity pitch in with the blackened metal versions, Witchgoat and Mortar keep it thrashy and raw, Purgation brings their style of brutal death metal to the table, and Bevar Sea and Dying Embrace keep the flag of heavy rock flying.

This just proves how Lemmy and company have influenced metal of various kinds, and how the band has made an impact on metal fans of all ages, whether you're still a young kid, or well into your 40s. We've sequenced the tracks so the album has ups and downs much like your favourite metal classics.
released 22 June 2013

Album conceptualised and produced by Srikanth Panaman
Tracks sequenced at The Doom Cave by Srikanth Panaman & Mrinal M
All artwork and layouts by Rahul Chacko aka the Scribble Bandit
Release on Iron Fist Records, India.