The Cosmic Trigger - Voltaire b/w Catharsis 7"

Image of The Cosmic Trigger - Voltaire b/w Catharsis 7"


Beautiful gatefold cover!!

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Rock and Roll from Fort Worth Texas. Sounds like the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath, Kyuss and the Sword with the harmony driven guitar lines of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Avenged Sevenfold. A loud powerful very solid rhythm section (Dustin: Bass and Josh: Drums), provides the backdrop for the guitar onslaught that features 1/2 heavy riffs and 1/2 mind blowing guitar harmonies and solos (Tyrel: Lead guitar, Spenser: Rhythm guitar). Vocals although sometimes very aggressive are always powerful and intelligible. The occasional keyboard parts (Spenser) give the band a welcomed 70's prog rock pallet to work with to balance the light and shade. Very energetic live shows and precision execution of the complex songs make this the band to watch. By being nominated in 2013 for best heavy metal band and best guitarist (Tyrel Choat) by Fort Worth Weekly magazine, it seems others are taking note of their talents as well. Their debut album "The New Order of the Cosmos" represents the band well and seems to be in every local Fort Worth metal/rock fans hands. Looking to sign with a respectable label and begin doing extensive tours, this band is on the verge of taking off and souring to the dark, smoke-filled, headbanging edge of the musical cosmos.